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How to avoid debt on credit cards?

Even though a credit card helps you to tide over an emergency financial situation but it must be dealt with carefully. These simple will help you to stay away from the debt settlement that is explained to you.
It is fact that rolling over the outstanding balance to the next billing cycle and simultaneously making new purchases each month will unnecessarily increase the interest which will lead to debt. It is best to pay the total outstanding amount on the due date even if it’s mandatory to pay only 5 per cent of the due amount each month. In order to avail the benefit of an interest-free period, the outstanding amount has to be nil. So, if you roll over a certain amount to next month’s billing, there’s no interest-free period on the new purchases.If you hold more than one card and are unable to make a bill payment in full then we can credit card issuer to convert it into EMI’s. This will save our money by avoiding normal credit card dues.Cash withdrawal from ATMs are charged with the interest and for most of the credit cards it starts from day one. That’s why it is better to avoid such transactions.

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