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10 principles to keep you away from harm while investing

The pandemic caseload in India has been surging hitting new records on daily basis and many experts believe that this may continue in the coming months. To ensure that we make minimum mistakes while investing Anshu Kapoor who is the Head of Edelweiss Private Wealth Managementhas given ten important principles listed below.

  1. WHEN to sell is more important than when to buy
  2. WHAT to buy is more important than when to buy
  3. Never be a FORCED SELLER in a sharply falling market
  4. Buy what can be sold (will have liquidity) in a falling market
  5. Figure out how to deal with PARADOX of investing
  6. Markets reflect collective “emotions” of participants
  7. Fear of missing out (FOMO)
  8. Just because something went well doesn’t mean there was no RISK
  9. Goal of investing is to secure your financial future
  10. NO one knows! You cannot predict, but you can be prepared!
    Hope the below principles are useful to make your portfolio healthier.

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