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Buy and Sell bitcoin without a Wallet. How is this possible?

When you buy and sell physical bitcoins, you need to have a Wallet. You need to protect this Wallet against hackers and theft. This will cost you time and money and, in the end, you are still vulnerable to theft (with both online and offline USB wallets). When you trade CFDs on Bitcoin using the iFOREX platform, you speculate only on the price movements of Bitcoin. You don’t need a Wallet for this. You only need an iFOREX account.

When profits are made, we guarantee super-fast pay outs!

At iFOREX you are certain of both selling and buying Bitcoin. This means that you can always close or open your Bitcoin position whenever you want. You can withdraw your money from your account any time you want!

Get informed about BitcoinWhen you sign up with iFOREX you will receive our e-book about Bitcoin for free as well as many educational tools for the hundreds of CFDs we offer. You can read what Bitcoin is, how you can trade CFDs on Bitcoin and what you can do to manage your risk.

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