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Car manufacturer’s sales face downfall.

The sales in the car making industry has been inversely proportional to the rise in corona cases. The lockdowns since last year have impacted the buyer sentiments. Many experts believe that the situation could have been even worse and the decline in sales is quite less than we think.
Let’s compare the sales of major car manufacturer’s sales in April 2021with March 2021.
Maruti Suzuki
The leader of car sales sold 1.35 lakh vehicles this April as compared to 1.46 lakh units in March 2021. Maruti Suzuki faced a decline of 7.06 per cent.
The giant’s sales number for April was 49,002 whereas in March, it was 52,600. That means a degrowth of 6.84 per cent.
Tata Motors
Decline in sales by 15.37 per cent in march 2021, Around 30,000 cars were sold in march 20201.
Mahindra and Mahindra
Mahindra and Mahindra ranked 4th in the sales race. With 9.50 per cent growth, 18,285 Mahindra cars were sold in April 2021.
Honda Car India
Honda Car India managed to increase sales by 27.72 per cent withstanding seventh position.

Even though many manufacturers are set to launch their new offerings in May but the experts feel that sales will again have to face degrowth as compared to April.

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