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HLL Lifecare Ltd ordered 4.5 lakh vials of Remdesivir.

India is setting daily news records of increase in corona infected cases. Besides other medical products needed to treat corona patients Indian government is now set to procure 4.5 lakh vials of antiviral drug Remdesivir through HLL Lifecare Ltd.
Due to rapid growth in COVID-19 cases the government want to ensure enough storage of the vital drug. According to report Gilead Sciences will dispatch 75,000 to 1,00,000 vials in the next one or two days and EVA Pharma will supply around 10,000 vials initially followed by 50,000 vials every 15 days or till July.
The government has also taken various steps, like a ban on exports and customs duty waiver, to enhance the availability of Remdesivir in the country. Since last day 3,86,452 new coronavirus infection cases have been reported in India. Hope we recover from this pandemic soon.

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