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Insights on ITC, Airtel, IRCTC by experts

As the domestic stock market isn’t fairing well due to the pandemic, investors are preferring to invest in bigger names so as to still have high chances of making money. We share the view of our experts below on some important names in the stock market. Airtel: Airtel has seen an increase in customer base both quantitatively and qualitatively and part of the reason for that is their heavy investment in the spectrum and this is expected to show up positively in the balance sheet of the company. ITC: ITC can be ignored for the time being due to uncertainties in the taxes on the cigarette business that also finances the FMCG business. It is predicted that ITC will divide the two companies. So due to the ambiguity, ITC can be stayed away from. IRCTC: Many of these companies have low chances of growth so in the long term things don’t look encouraging. Tata motors: Although it hasn’t performed well in the previous month, our experts are optimistic about them.

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