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Mirae Asset offering FOF route to allow you to invest in the MFP.

Mirae Asset has rolled out a new fund offer (NFO) Called the Mirae Asset NYSE FANG Plus ETF or MAFANGETF (MFP), you will need a demat account for investing in the ETF. The house is offering a fund of funds (FOF) route to allow you to invest in the MFP.
MFP offers will replicate the NYSE FANG Plus Index (NFPI). The NFPI provides exposure to ten of today’s highly traded tech giants, listed overseas.These businesses put together offer a large pool of profits, hold significant amounts of cash and have demonstrated ability to grow in various geographies of the world.
The fund offers exposure to well-established technology sector leaders in their respective segments.Equal allocation to each one of them further curtails the risk of over allocation to one or a few of the businesses. But it should also be mentioned that it is a highly concentrated index. A 10-stock portfolio means investors are exposed to concentration risk and these businesses are facing many regulatory challenges in various countries. So invest in MFP or the fund of fund scheme if and only if you understand the risks of a concentrated portfolio. Even if you do, stagger your investments. MFP is not for first-time investors
NOTE: NFO of the ETF closes on April 30, 2021 and that of the FoF ends on May 3, 2021.

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