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MSME reforms to reduce regulatory burden in Punjab

The Punjab government announced that it has unleashed a set of reforms to further reduce the regulatory burden on MSMEs through rationalisation and digitalisation, aiming to enable entrepreneurs to focus on expanding their operations amid the COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure timely delivery of key licenses and permits, the government has begun a monthly data-driven assessment mechanism under the Chief Secretary to make sure not a single license or permit is delayed beyond the stipulated period.
Punjab has emerged as a hub for its unique business-friendly ecosystem that promotes entrepreneurship and attracts entrepreneurs from all corners of the world. The evidence of the same is the receipt of investment of about Rs 80,000 crore with proposed employment of 3 lakh individuals, in the last 4 years, these reforms on building flexibility and reducing oversight in the labour rules, and pursuing a data-driven assessment of service delivery delays are all centred around making entrepreneurship easier in Punjab.

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